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Juliana Rose Bradley


My name is Juliana Rose and I am a photographer based in Oklahoma. My husband and I love dogs, we have two great danes, Luke and Lucy. They are our children and yes, we buy A LOT of food for them! They sleep all day while I edit (literally like 22 hours a day.. NO JOKE)! But hey it must be pretty exhausting being a dog.


Alex and I are high school sweethearts. We met at a church event and Alex awkwardly asked me on a date. When I say awkwardly, I mean the guy was super nervous, because well he was a brand new freshman and I was a junior in high school ( for sure I have been called a cougar my whole life). But through crazy stages of our lives, from deciding prom clothes, to colleges, to careers, buying a house, and now celebrating 4 years of marriage. I couldn’t imagine my life with any other bro by my side.

Now I get to be the one to capture other peoples special moments and that is a job that I take with serious pride and accomplishment.



I have a degree in Visual Communication from Oklahoma State University. School taught me so much, but there is a lot you can’t learn until you’ve been there. I have photographed weddings since 2014. Through the years I have seen perfect days and not perfect days. I have been the one to make the bouquet, to setting up chairs, to helping fix hair and makeup. Then on the opposite side, I’ve been the one that stands back and captures those moments that you never want to forget. While you cry I promise I am probably fogging up my camera with tears right there with you.

I have also worked with non profits like Meals on Wheels and traveled over the sea to the Middle East to help with some projects for Wake The Giant.


I believe in capturing us.

The people of the world

and reminding us what is SO good among us.

Let’s Make Some Magic



Juliana is one of the most personable people I have ever met. Her talent behind the lens matched with her ability to tell stories makes her the most unique and visionary photographers in Oklahoma. You will not regret hiring Juliana to be there on your special day.

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