Baby K - One Year


One Year pictures. They are some of my favorite. At this age your little person is thriving and probably growing some serious teeth. Over the years I feel like Pinterest has turned our world into trying to do something crazy for one year photos. From cake smashes to a billion balloons or some crazy thing that NEVER looks like what it was suppose to. But something you will always love is a good portrait session of you and your baby.

Baby K didn’t want to be away from his mom during his one year session so we snuggled, laughed, stared at each other, and embraced the one year old Baby K the way he wanted to be.


For me, capturing who your little is right now is SO important. Their expressions, how they interact with their parents and siblings and what they decide to play with instead of their toys is all apart of the fun!

Tip: Going into a family session don’t be so obsessed with getting that one photo where everyone is staring down the camera smiling perfectly. If everyone is have fun the photos will be a memory to remember a good time. Like those moments when everyone is laughing and hanging in the house that we so often don’t get on camera. It will make the experience far better, and it won’t scare your kids forever. I promise there will be more photos you love then if everyone leaves crying.